Do You Mind(Fully)?

​​NEW: Do You Mind(fully)? now offers Kripalu Yoga, which embodies Mindful practices with integrity of postures. 


What exactly do you do?

Do You Mind(fully) offers one-on-one and group Mindfulness Meditation Coaching and/or Yoga Classes.  This usually consists of coming to your home or place of business (wherever you would like to create a regular practice) and lasts about an hour, longer for larger groups. The Mindfulness program is 8 weeks, which is what research suggests creates lasting impact. One-off sessions and Phone sessions for Meditation are also available.

What is "Mindfulness"?

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of our thoughts, feelings and experiences in the present moment without judging them. So, instead of "Why the hell do I feel anxious? I'm such a baby. Get over it already!" we try to acknowledge our emotions without assessing them a value. As in, "I feel anxious. I feel tightness in my chest. I feel my heart racing." Notice the difference?

Right now- Notice how your back feels sitting at the computer.  Are you hunched over or upright? Is there any pain or tightness in your body?  Observe how your hands rest at the keyboard or mouse. Notice if your feet are flat on the floor, and if your toes are relaxed, tingly or warm. Congratulations, you've just been Mindful. 

How does Mindfulness stand apart from other types of meditation?

There is no wrong way to meditate and each style has its own benefits. Some forms use Mantras, other forms use Affirmations or Visualizations. The Mindfulness practice I offer utilizes three cornerstones: Single Pointed Focus (i.e. following breath), Conscious Awareness of Body/Mind, and Compassion (Metta). Each one of these has real life practical implications such as increased concentration, reduced stress/anxiety, increased joy. See the Do You Mind page for evidence-based resources supporting Mindful Meditation.

What do you charge?

Rates vary based on need and duration. Visit my store or email me at for more information.